Your Secret is Safe

The sun and the moon,
they know where you roam
they know where you are,
and just how far from home;
the stars, they have seen you
so late at night,
they’ve tickled and touched you in playful starlight.
The clouds have whispered wispy hellos,
they too know where you’ve been and where you will go
(but you must listen closely
they speak quietly and low.)

I shouldn’t be jealous of salty sea waves,
save for the fact they have seen you for days,
they have smiled at the stars and shone back at the sun,
they have whispered to the clouds
and sung to the moon as it hung,
but as soon as the water touches down, reaches
the warm earth of home on the sand of the beaches-
all that is heard is a rush-

of hush.

For neither the sea, the clouds or the stars will reveal your secret,
with the moon and sun they’ve made a pact to keep it
safe, still, silent as stone
until you come back,
until you come home.