Working on my first story book…

I’ve been encouraged by my family and friends to write and illustrate a children’s book.  While I have been writing poems and have had little ideas here and there I’ve never really REALLY tried to take the process further.  My biggest step so far has been in creating this blog and sharing what I’ve written with the blogging community.  I have so enjoyed the feedback and motivation from other writers on this site (even though life has sent me several pauses in my evolution as a writer.)

I’m hoping that my friends on this platform will help me as I try to turn my idea for a children’s story into a reality.  I’ll chronicle my process on here, but would appreciate feedback, comments and help about my piece and the publishing process if anyone out there has experience with that.

So without further ado… here is my story that I’m working with currently.  I hope to do some rough illustrations soon.  Comments and feedback is appreciated!

The Choo Choo Flu

It was a beautiful morning when the conductor made his way out to work on his very favorite train, Steamer Stu.  The birds were singing, the wind was warm, and there wasn’t a cloud in the bright sunny sky.  The conductor tipped his head back and closed his eyes, resting for just a moment before beginning his busy day, when suddenly he heard a loud,


“My goodness’ thought the conductor.  ‘who could possibly be in the yard so early in the morning?’

He hurried around the corner to see Steamer Stu sniffling in the rail yard where he had been parked all weekend.  Stu didn’t look good.  His nose was all runny, he sniffled a lot, and when the conductor placed his hand on his engine he was really quite hot.

The conductor made his way around the locomotive looking here and there, inspecting and checking Stu with great care, before stepping back, his diagnosis complete.

‘Stu it is clear from your sniffles and sneezes, your puffs and your coughs, and your aches and your wheezes that you have come down with a case of the Choo Choo flu.  I’m sorry to say there will be no trips on the tracks for you today.’

“AAAAAAAAAHHHHCHOOOOO!!’ sneezed Stu ‘Are you sure it’s a case of the Choo Choo flu?”

“Certainly,’ puffed the conductor, ‘and there is only one thing to do.”

Now the conductor had seen this flu before, a long time ago, and what’s more he had helped the poor train get better and quickly.  The only problem was he couldn’t remember the Choo Choo flu cure for a train that was sickly.

‘Ah yes!’ he exclaimed ‘I remember what’s needed to treat Choo Choo flu!  I’ll be right back.  I’m going to buy you new shoes!’

Is that what you’d do to help Stu fight the flu?

‘Wait, no… that doesn’t sound right.  I think the best way to cure Choo Choo flu is, oh yes, to spend the day at the zoo!’

Is that what you’d do to help Stu fight the flu?

‘I don’t think that’s right,’ Stu offered sweetly before he was cut off completely with another loud  AAAAAAAHHHHHCHOOO!’

“Hmm…now let me think.  Oh!  I’ve got it!  Open wide and say MOO!  Chocolate milk is the trick, open up, drink it down now and quick!’

Is that what you’d do to help Stu fight the flu?

No, of course not.  That wasn’t the cure and Stu wasn’t feeling up to very much more.

‘I’m tired.’ He sniffled.  ‘I think I need rest.’

Just then the conductor put his hand to his chest and found in his pocket a page from a book.  He opened it slowly and saw when he looked, the perfect way to help rid Stu of flu.  Can you guess what the page told him to do?

To cure Choo Choo flu a train needs only two things:

  1. Lots of hot choo choo stew
  2. Time for choo choo to snooze.

So the conductor made Stu some hot stew and he tucked him in tight and left him to snooze all day and all night.

When the sun came up the very next day Stu’s Choo Choo flu had all gone away!  So the conductor and he set out on the tracks, when the cars were all loaded and smoke poured from the stacks.   All that could be heard as they pulled away was a happy ‘Choo Choo!’ and a friendly, ‘good day!’


Starsong Lullaby


Copyright 2017:  Kati Bergman

The night sings a song unlike any other
a gentle lullaby
to coax a cool and restful slumber.

She cradles an anxious world
under a canopy of stars
that remind us to pause
and listen
to the rhythm of our hearts.

The night sings a lullaby unlike any other
a song of stillness and peace
of hope to welcome a better tomorrow,
and then tomorrow yet another.