On the Push-Pull Train

Only once before have I found us to be

so divided,

our train of thought derailed in defending

two separate paths as right.

Overturned, undone, and frozen

in year after year of bickering, blood, and bruised brotherhood.

I can only hope we have learned from the past,

that however long this conflict lasts,

it strengthens and teaches us to hear each other,

to pause and listen to neighbors, sisters, friends, and brothers.

I ask not that you always agree-

opinions, after all, are the sweetest kind of free-

Let’s not dismiss each side entirely,

declare our thoughts, actions, and beliefs to be more mighty,

ignore the left or right,

block our ears and blind our sight,

ignore the fact that life looks differently for everyone.

If we refuse to debate, to compromise, to learn,

if we refuse to choose

to listen, to share, to expand,

to grow from what we don’t know…

then we may derail again.

Let’s work to keep this train moving forward, on track,

because forward is all we have, there is no turning back.