Time for At Last


And so comes that time
when the year’s nearly spent.
When the inspiration that fueled
new year’s resolutions and
determination to make this
the best year ever
begin to turn to embers.

It’s the time to remember
the faces and moments that changed our lives.
The joyful and the sad.

Sometimes remembering the happiest of these moments brings it’s own kind of sadness
we have to revist-
in a bout of exquisite

So much can happen in this short span of days
that all run together and pass so fast.
Rewind all those seconds and minutes and moments
that slipped out of our grasp.

It’s time to remember the things that we thought would last,
those things that reminded us that nothing’s forever-
moments pass only once,
they are something to treasure.

And as the old year sings it’s last and final tune,
and as the page turns and the story renews
I hope that peace finds us,
at the edge of the old and almost new year.
I hope that we safely and gently pass from the past to the future.
I hope it’s time for at last.


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