Happy Halloween!

Black cats, witches hats,
the sky is filled with flying bats
chased by ghosts that haunt and moan
and occupy the place they now call home.

Zombies look for fleshy feasts,
and all the monsters, goblins, beasts
come out tonight to seek out treats
when strangers open up their doors to meet
this ghastly ghostly crew.

Vampires celebrate the night
where all the world is cloaked in fright,
where oddities are quite the norm
and cold dead souls walk among the warm
in an ever moving growing swarm
of bodies shifting, switching, changing form…

You won’t believe your eyes, I know,
it’s really quite a scene.
Be sure you don’t miss it
on this kooky spooky Halloween!


Soundly Sleepless

Sleep softly sweeps
over leadened lids resting,
testing out the memories of the day
with a magical twist as a dream.

Sleep soundly snares
all the fears that were there
that the daylight discovered,
the parts we try most to conceal.
The things that we find, when we wake,
are still real.

Sleep settles silently
kissing each friend she finds.
it would seem,
she is no friend of mine.

October Settled In

Ripple Rewind: October Settled in

The Ripple's Edge

Then October whistled in
on a blustery cool fall wind
and the season began to settle in.
Spiders worked to spin
silken homes to trap within
every guest that dared to enter in.
Pumpkins sat with crooked grins,
on dried out lawns that had begun to thin.
Stories told send shivers up your skin,
and again the world is cloaked in shenanigans
as strangers dress as things they’ve never been.
Yes, much to September’s chagrin
October came and settled in.

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