The Disappearing Witness

Wherever did the time go?
I witness every moment pass,
and still…
I do not know.


My Roommates Made Me

It’s been a crazy couple of weeks, lots of changes, lots of new things. (I’ll fill you in later.)

Last night I was having a roommatey discussion about some things including our new drains and how we should like to prevent them from suffering from too much hair (as the drains in many women’s bathrooms often do.). I was tired and in a particularly goofy mood when I described what it is like to lose hair to the drain.  ‘Only you could describe that so poetically Kati,’ my roommate said and then I was asked to share it with all of you.

Just remember…this was written in goofball mode:

My hair,

like leaves from an autumn kissed tree


to the drain

with the showerhead rain

in my tub.