Recipe for the Good Life

WARNING:  Summer is a time of sporadic writing for me as it’s the busiest time at work.  I did find a moment while I was cooking lunch this afternoon though, and this was the result.  (Simmered for 15 minutes on low heat.)

Choices flavor life in a variety of ways,
(Including the choices of others whom you invite to stay.)
Sprinkle in adventure for a hot and spicy meal,
A dash of courage and enthusiasm mixed, combine for unmatched zeal.
Caution has no flavor, just makes sure that life’s cooked through,
and makes sure you have the chance to add other ingredients too.
You can add, according to taste, as much friendship as you please.
Indeed, the more the merrier! (And I’m sure everyone agrees.)
For sweetness add in love, as much as can be found,
In cooking, as in life, love knows no bounds.
If tangy is the taste that you’ve been looking for,
toss in a pinch of ambition and watch your dreams soar.
Loneliness and sorrow taste bitter so take care,
to try and keep them out of any dish you should prepare.
A tablespoon of trust and remaining open to what you don’t know,
will add a zesty kick that will surprise and delight you, oh and also
don’t be afraid to give a sprinkle of self confidence a whirl,
it finishes off a dish nicely with a fancy little swirl.
Combine ingredients and cook slowly, savoring the process.
Taste regularly and adjust, it will always be a work in progress.


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