You Know You’re a Writer When…

I sat at the information desk wracking my brain for a catchy slogan for a display we were going to create in a few days.  After writing several blurbs and press releases for programs I was having trouble developing anything that seemed original to me, so I was glad when a coworker pulled me away from playing with alliteration to help her.

‘Kati, we’re doing a display for National Poetry Month and I was wondering if you would write a poem to be displayed on the board with it?’

I was honored to be asked so I set to work trying to write something catchy and ‘springy and about the pocket poetry program we’re doing.’  My work was cut out for me for sure, but I didn’t have long to think on it before another coworker came up to the desk.

‘Hey Kati, I have to post for Facebook, but I can’t think of anything catchy to write.  Do you have any ideas?’

That’s when I knew.  I was no longer a secret scribbler.  I was a writer.

The Spring Poetry Poem:

Now’s the time for April showers,

bees to buzz, and buds to flower

over fields and up the bowers,

yes, this is a very special hour…

For this month too, words take wing

and soar and sprout and sweetly sing

of all the things that life can bring,

so pocket a poem it’s a spring thing!

The Facebook Status:

The weekend is done,

on that we agree,

but Monday’s still fun,

when you take time to read!

(What are you reading?)

Good news came this week too in that I had submitted a poem to a publication through work a little while ago and I found out it won a competition and the county has published it!  You can check out the poem I submitted here:


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