Spring Cleaning Discovery

I’ve been trying to get a jump start on ‘spring cleaning’ this year. I’ve been on an organizing, condensing, purging, and prioritizing bent and I’ve stumbled across quite a few things that I had completely forgotten about including some of my diaries from when I was younger. Today I stumbled across one from when I was eleven. I remember saving my allowance for weeks to buy this very cool diary that came with a…silver gel pen!!! (So cool right? 🙂 )


It came wrapped in plastic so I didn’t realize until after I had purchased it that most of the diary had writing prompts and questions. I was a little disappointed then, but it made for some interesting reading today. Here are of the few excerpts I found most amusing, I hope you’ll enjoy the inner mind of an eleven year old writer.

“December 14, 2000
I don’t feel good. My throat hurts. Well, got to go hide Christmas presents!”

2. If I were going to a desert island, this is what I would bring with me:
“All my toys, my bed, my house, and food for 17 years.” (Well…I mean…obviously! 🙂 )

3. A Poem (by me):
“When the sidewalks are slippery with the ice and the snow
and all the grown ups are kissing by the mistletoe,
we are sitting by the fire,
warming our heart’s desire,
This will be the best Christmas ever!”

4. When I Wish Upon a Star: I wish…
“that my family, friends, and things will be safe. That we will all have great health. I wish that we will all be old when we die. I wish there would be no criminals again. I wish all my dreams come true.”

I wonder what I might find tomorrow… 🙂


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