Balancing Act

Loneliness balances like a dewdrop
resting on a blade of grass,
just waiting for the time to pass,
to discover
if it should fall and be absorbed,
or evaporate
and be ignored.


9 thoughts on “Balancing Act

    • Thank you! I recently saw a movie called ‘Words and Pictures’ that posed the question, ‘What medium is better at evoking an image that sticks with someone? Words or Pictures?’ It was an interesting story that had me thinking about imagery. Thank you for your comments!


      • For me, pictures only end up evoking something crude. Words dig deeper. But there is another medium, music, which digs the deepest. I should watch this movie sometime.


      • The film actually touched on music briefly. I think it depends on the words or the image for me. I could be inspired by either or sometimes neither.
        The movie is definitely a worthwhile watch. It held my Dad’s interest…it actually pulled him away from a game he was playing!! :). I checked it out of my local library.


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