The Ripple Effect

It started with one, but soon there were two,
because she wrote very often (as most writers do…)
So she’d figured she might share her writings with you.

The first blog was all of her creative poems and pieces,
the second was dedicated to all things library and new book releases.

Two seperate blogs, with two different topics
If you check it out here, I won’t write more in rhyme,
I promise, I’ll stop it.

(But just for a bit…)

I encourage everyone to check out my new blog, ‘Secrets of the Stacks.’ I plan to keep putting my own creative writing works here. This blog is not changing it is staying!! The ‘Secrets’ blog is going to be all about the things I discover being a librarian… The two are completely seperate and different, they just share an author! I look forward to seeing you there!


4 thoughts on “The Ripple Effect

    • Libraries are growing to encompass so much now. I work a lot with computers and going out and working with the community as well as working with books! :). Thank you for commenting!


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