Noticing the New Year

Decorations down.

A new year sweeps homes clean and

offers a ‘day off.’


On the way home from work yesterday two of the three radio stations I follow asked listeners to call in and tell them when they planned to take down their holiday decorations… I never realized it was such a hot topic!

So now I’m curious and I have to ask…when do you take down your holiday decorations?


6 thoughts on “Noticing the New Year

  1. I just found out this year that the 12 days of Christmas isn’t twelve days leading up to Christmas, but after. Old traditions started the celebration from December 25th to January 5th. However, most [old] Christian celebrations went from December 26th until January 6th–the Feast of Epiphany. So, the holiday song ‘The Twelve Days of Christmas’ reflects the showering of so many gifts, and why decorations stay up past the holidays.
    Personally, I don’t put my decorations away until after the first week of January. It’s not for any added celebration, but because I’m too tired (and lazy) after the holidays to muscle that stuff back into the boxes. 😉


    • There was someone at work who mentioned keeping her decorations up for the twelve days as well. The branch took everything down yesterday though. Everyone seems to have a different plan! :). I just thought it was interesting this was creating so many conversations!

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  2. We take ours down the day after New Years. I was at my sister’s house Christmas Day, and as we were leaving at about 9 that night, we saw her next-door neighbor who was putting out all the recycling and had already taken her tree down! On Christmas night! I understand wanting to get everything cleaned up, but that seems a bit extreme.


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