Time Changes


Image Copyright: Kati Bergman 2014


It’s been getting dark so quickly lately.  I’m not on the road for more than 25 minutes after leaving work when my headlights snap on automatically.  The car realizes the difference before I do.  I guess sometimes we get so caught up in the everyday we don’t notice the little changes that slip into our lives, our personalities, our memories, and our perspectives.

I used to love the time change.

It always felt a cozy time of year, the time change, when it got dark early and the air had a chilly nip to it.  We would all be warm and snug inside with a nice hot dinner and sometimes a fire cheerfully glowing in the fireplace.  It was the time of year my mom would take the bath towels and run them through the dryer for us so that when we stepped out of the bath we could be enveloped in a soft fuzzy warmth.

It’s funny how things can change.

The darkness and chilly air now chase me home…and they often win.  And the fading sunlight serves as a reminder that while I may still have a hundred things left to do that day, time is running out.

One thing that hasn’t changed?  Those wonderful dark silhouettes of the trees as the last of the daylight dissolves from the sky.  The branches bold and twisting upwards like fingers stretching out to capture the last of the light.  Or maybe they’re  just trying to slow the passing of the year, which moves so quickly now.  Anyhow…

I think I will always like that.


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