Tears, like dreams, come unbidden.
Each time loudly announcing to the world,
all of those feelings
we worked so carefully to contain.
Slowly poisoning ourselves instead of others.

Tears come unbidden.
Falling where they will,
and running as they like,
they experience an uninhibited freedom,
we can only ever envy…
Or perhaps, someday,
learn to emulate.



If at first you don’t succeed,
try and
try and
try again.
I guarantee you
things won’t go to plan.
The little things you do
will count;
in time they add and grow,
but in the trickle of a single day,
it may feel kind of slow.
Don’t lose hope or give up
believing in yourself.
The path is long,
the road is rough,
but even at your weakest know,
that you are tough enough
to see this through
to make your wildest dreams come true,
to fight the battles plaguing you,
to do the things you need to do.
I believe,
but the question is,
‘Do you believe in you?’

The Art of Time

What is life
but a series of moments,
of memories,
woven together in the ribbons and twine of time.

Every once and again
we find ourselves slammed
by the force of a clear and striking
of a moment

as it happens…

as it passes…

as it fades…

that interrupts the steady march
of the everyday.

These moments stand out
as bows and tangles,
knots and twists,
in the threads that weave our stories;
the times we ache to remember and
the days we can never forget.

Luna, Bella Luna

I came back from a trip out of town a few weeks ago and was unloading my suitcases when I discovered an unexpected visitor at my house.

I thought the house was empty…but I was wrong.

Imagine my surprise as I rounded the corner from the staircase and came face to face with a complete stranger eating our food!  I stood in shock for only a moment before I was overwhelmed by the desire to cuddle this…this… Intruder?  Unexpected guest?

It turns out the rest of my family had much the same reaction, and so she has been welcomed into the family as one of us.  Sure, we’ve been through moments of terror when she has, with a full running start, leapt at us claws bared in a bit of feline fun, but mostly we just love our Looney Luna.  Short attention span, boundless energy, and all.

I mean, who can resist this face?


Image Copyright: Kati Bergman 2014


Image Copyright: Kati Bergman 2014


Image Copyright: Kati Bergman 2014


Tightrope Walker

Somedays I just need to remind myself that I’ve already learned these things. Today was one of those days…

Treasure every moment,
even as they slip away.
Love and laugh and live
every golden day
as though it were your last.
Let stormy weather pass.
Hold close the ones you love
and make sure they’re aware
of exactly how much you care.
Try not to over stress, live with less,
and try your best.
Be a tightrope walker,
let nothing sway you one way or another;
balance is the key to finding
your version of happy.
At some point too you have to know
simply when and what
to let go…


The little bit that lingers
proves more frustrating than the whole.
An inerasable trace that haunts and lurks
and whispers,
drowning everything that tries to take its place.
Armed with soft and silent power,
harmful grace,
a façade consistently replaced,
daily a new and different face.
Different and yet ever the same;
always playing the same old game,
teasing, taunting, haunting…
Til one day, I promise,
that little bit,
will no longer remain.

Overdue Thank You

From where does strength come?
I often think I’ve missed out on my share…
I look at all my heroes who faced amazing odds,
who defeated the impossible,
who completed the unimaginable,
and I wonder
where they found their strength.
I hope when my day comes
to step up to the plate
I am able to muster the same kind of strength
as those I think are great.
To those of you who have lived on before me
who set out the ways to show and inform me,
who passionately spoke out or fought for some glory,
or created a melody, poem, or story,
to those of you who have set that door
wide and open before me,
I thank you.