Being hopeful gets exhausting.
Or just maybe- (I don’t mean to whine)
it’s giving all you have.
All. The. Time.
Always climbing, never quite reaching the top.
I could never stop,
giving less than my best,
but right now it’s all a bit of a mess.
Always, always, another test,
another hurdle, another goal,
another weight, another role.
Always reaching for that perfect end
only to find a ‘next thing’ waiting-
yet again.
Something has to give or change.
It’s time for me to rearrange,
reexamine, perhaps exchange
some things I must have mistaken to be real,
some dreams I might not ever feel.
It’s time to let old wounds heal.
I’ll figure it out, I’m sure I’ll be fine,
It’s just going to take a little time.
So slow the clock, for a moment please.
Sometimes a moment is all you need.


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