Antique Shop Stories

I think this may still be a work in progress.  It was inspired by a walk at night in an old historic area.  I’m not sure I’ve quite gotten what I wanted to capture yet though, so I would be especially grateful for any feedback on this one!!

I walked the streets we knew
last night.
No one saw me there.
Just a shadow of my former self,
a gentle breeze
of chilly air.
I took my time.
No one seemed to care.

Slowly passing
memories we left hanging all around,
when suddenly I froze.
My heart upon the ground.
For standing in a window,
for all the world to see,
lay the few and fragile bits
left of our history.

I saw a few family heirlooms locked up in a case,
my grandmother’s topaz ring,
my mother’s crystal vase,
our sign was there, the one we hung above our door,
so was the pail I used to hold my things
when I scrubbed the kitchen floor.
The china I never wanted to use
now sits serving dust upon a shelf.
Someday I’m sure someone
will buy it for themselves.

Honestly, it stung a bit to see
the world was moving on,
our cherished golden days
lived and quickly gone.
I had to leave then.
My visit over, through.
So I wandered back into
the streets we knew
and found myself in memories again.
I found myself with you.

Written July 18-19, 2014


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