Ode to a Chicken Finger

She dared me.

Prior to getting a blog I used to post a few of what I thought were my best poems on my Facebook account.  I figured it would be a safe place to elicit feedback and criticisms from the people I knew best and held dearest.

It’s kind of funny though, how often so many things in life have unexpected consequences or lead to things you could never have anticipated.

This poem is a testament to that.  I could never have imagined that by stretching myself as a writer and reaching out to my friends for their input I would be dared to write a poem about my picky eating habits.  More specifically I never could have imagined that I would be dared to write about chicken fingers.  Yes, you heard that correctly, chicken fingers.

Needless to say I took the dare.  I mean, I’m no chicken!

Hope you enjoy…

When the Gods tired of ambrosia,
When sweet nectar made them sick,
It was you they turned to.
You were their golden pick.

Your crispy golden crust
On a moist and meaty middle,
Kept them chewing in content,
In delectable, succulent, nibbles

Thou finger of a chicken,
I wrote this ode to you.
May you forever grace our table,
And only the best of menus.

Written April 28, 2013


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