Summer Living

Life slows to a trickle
in the summer.
Days are spent covered
in sweet smelling coconut grease
under a rainbow umbrella,
in a game of hide and seek from the sun’s splendid glare.
Books are devoured in piling heaps
next to the burning and stretched out lawn chair,
In the evening
a repetitive tune calls out in between bird songs,
sending parents diving
to the depths of their wallets for bronze coins.
Cherry popsicle juice drips down the tanned and
scabbed faces of children
and leaves their hands a sunburned red.
Tree branches slump,
leaves hang lazily by their tips,
wishing they could rest
in the shade they create.
In the heat and heavy air,
life slows to a trickle.

Written Spring 2010


3 thoughts on “Summer Living

    • Thank you Amber! I think all writers hope to reach readers that appreciate and understand where they are coming from, or recognize a feeling that inspired a piece…and it is so rewarding to receive a comment that validates that! Thank you for reading! You are quite the talented writer yourself!


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