Monday Giggles

I owe a lot of my attempts at poetry, especially initially, to the poet Shel Silverstein.  I remember sharing a lot of laughs with my parents over his goofy rhymes that tickled your brain and your heart in all the right places.

I received my very own copy of one of his books from my dad on my eighth birthday.  My dad was out to sea and couldn’t make it back to celebrate, but his inscription on the inside cover, and the poems within, made him feel a lot closer to home.  Isn’t it a kind of amazing that books and words can do that sometimes?

Anyway, here is a short piece I wrote in the attempt to emulate his style a bit.  The event was taken from life. I hope it gives you a giggle this Monday.

Tommy is a pest to me,
he never ever plays fair.
And when he wins,
he jokes on me,
“You’ve got a bug inside your hair!”
I go to look and nothing’s there.

Tommy is a pest to me,
he’s never ever nice.
And when he is,
you’d better watch out!
“You’re standing by some mice!
Ha! Made you look!”
Tommy got me twice.

Written June 9, 2008


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