Castles in the Trees


Image Copyright: Kati Bergman 2014

Last night I paid a visit
to the place we used to be,
where swing sets turned to airplanes
and castles hung in every tree.
I saw the route around our house,
the rooms, the yard, the long dark hall…
I saw the sunsets and the lightning bugs,
and the people who aren’t there,
and each of us was laughing
in this memory made of air.

Then in a rainbow rush of wind
I saw the time fly by.
Our castles in the trees
came tumbling from the sky.
I watched the magic seem to fade
from all our favorite places,
the laughter into whispers,
the shadows, barely traces.
Now anytime I’m lost
and want to know where I should be,
I think I need only to remember
our castles in the trees.

Written March 11, 2013


One thought on “Castles in the Trees

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