Shoreline Rush

and fizzy rush
against the line
where Earth meets the tide
lapping up against the sand,
bringing whispers from other lands.

Written February 17, 2008


2 thoughts on “Shoreline Rush

  1. what a wonderful poem, I’m glad you decided to share your work on here with others! I was in a similar situation when I started my blog and decided it was finally time to do something with some of the writing and photographs I’d piled up over the years. thanks again for sharing 🙂


    • Thank you! I’m glad you enjoyed it! I have enjoyed sharing my thoughts on this blog, perhaps more than I initially expected. Just goes to show that sometimes in life you just have to go for it! It’s a wonderful feeling when you can do something you love and have others appreciate or be touched in the smallest of ways by your efforts. Thank you for sharing your work as well!!


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