Want to play a game?

I have several friends who are writers.  Serious writers.  Write everyday writers.  I’m a sometimes writer.  I put pen to paper (or symbols to screen) every once and a while when the mood strikes me.  And I play games…like this one.

Sometimes when I feel creative, but have no idea where to begin, I solicit a few words from my friends.  Quite literally.  The first random noun, verb, and adjective they can think of, and then I try to turn it into something that makes a little sense.  Here’s one I did a while back…


A clap of thunder overhead-
as madness split the sky,
The agitated sea below
gave water wings to fly.
Salty liquid mountains
slapped the purple sky,
desperate in their reach,
angry beating tries.
The hull it groaned and wailed
as the masts moaned and bent,
“All sailors on the seas,
Now, now you must repent!”

Want to play?  Leave me the first random noun, adjective, and verb you can think of.  Please keep it friendly and clean and I’ll do my best!  Keep an eye out for a poem with your word set.  (P.S.  I can use any form of the verb…just so you know!)


Comments are appreciated! Please leave a comment here.

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