Tricked Again


Its been absolutely crazy at work lately.  The rush to prep everything at the library for summer’s rush of children has left me exhausted at the end of each day.  And then, after work, there’s the one and a half hour commute home.  So, I’ve been feeling like I’m stretched pretty thin lately.  I stumbled upon this piece I wrote a year ago and it kind of resonated with me again, so I thought I’d share it.  I’d appreciate any comments or thoughts if you have them.


I find myself again
tricked by Atlas, the world on my shoulders
with no plan
for how to give it back again.

I faltered on the precipice of change,
fearing what I could not sense,
dreading what I could not know,
and frightened by the message
Change consistently whispers in his visits,

‘All is transient, every moment fleeting and
all uniqueness meets certain extinction.
Just as every morning finds it’s evening,
so must every road have it’s end.’

Even Atlas, on this night, has found
a visitor at his door.
And when, I must again host change with me
he’ll carry the burden of the world once more.

Written February 19, 2013



2 thoughts on “Tricked Again

    • Cyclic patterns do seem to be a trend don’t they? Isn’t it strange though that although events or situations may mirror or resemble those you’ve been in before, you still sometimes handle things as though it’s the first time you’ve encountered them? Well, for me at least… I’ve been through several summer reading programs now…but it seems every year I still anticipate it with a smidge of anxiety. Thank you for reading!


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