On a walk in the woods…


Image Copyright: Kati Bergman 2014

On a walk in the woods,
such wonders I saw,
I watched the rain gather
and fall
over stones in a stream,
heard it gurgle and laugh
as it brushed past and tickled
tired leaves in my path.
I felt the wind tease me
and play in my hair,
with a fun loving tug
of fresh forest air.
All while a contest of songs
played out overhead
and below a mosaic of shadow and sun
decorated the beds
of the beetles and flowers
searching for light
and embracing the day.
Such wonders I saw
on a walk in the woods,
that I thought I should share it
with you if I could.


Word Bouquet

In the silence that follows
a look, a question,
have patience.
While words jump
at the chance to serve you,
mine take time to grow.

Under perfect conditions
little tending is needed
and they burst into bloom
across a page or screen.

But airborne thoughts…

spoken in words that are never seen

those words take time to gather,
to arrange
so that I may
do justice to my thoughts
and make each sentence a bouquet.

The Secret is Out

I’ve always been a writer.   Secretly.

My bookshelf holds some of my very favorite titles with loose pages, notebooks, and binders of my scribblings squeezed in between.  For years they’ve sat and waited for a chance to breathe.  I guess their chance has finally come.

I have a number of friends who are writers and they have inspired me to take a chance and share what I’ve written to a larger audience.  So with a deep breath, a little courage, and some wise words from an old President, I think I’m ready to take the plunge.  I hope you join me as I embark on this journey they call blogging…

All right.  Here we go.  Welcome to ‘The Ripple’s Edge.’


“It is hard to fail, but it is worse never to have tried to succeed.”  -Theodore Roosevelt