On the Push-Pull Train

Only once before have I found us to be

so divided,

our train of thought derailed in defending

two separate paths as right.

Overturned, undone, and frozen

in year after year of bickering, blood, and bruised brotherhood.

I can only hope we have learned from the past,

that however long this conflict lasts,

it strengthens and teaches us to hear each other,

to pause and listen to neighbors, sisters, friends, and brothers.

I ask not that you always agree-

opinions, after all, are the sweetest kind of free-

Let’s not dismiss each side entirely,

declare our thoughts, actions, and beliefs to be more mighty,

ignore the left or right,

block our ears and blind our sight,

ignore the fact that life looks differently for everyone.

If we refuse to debate, to compromise, to learn,

if we refuse to choose

to listen, to share, to expand,

to grow from what we don’t know…

then we may derail again.

Let’s work to keep this train moving forward, on track,

because forward is all we have, there is no turning back.

Winter Whispers

There’s something in the icy whisper of winter

that tickles my memory

into thinking of days long chilled,

moments left

to freeze in time-

behind the heated rush to brush

into and past the promises of tomorrow

be they filled with happiness or sorrow.

Indeed, my memory has no right to reflect upon the frozen memories I borrow-

for they are not memories, but stories passed down by ghosts,

history whispering that we are but temporary hosts

that thrive

in the heat and light of warm and happy life,

but survive

in the icy whispers of winter.



Copyright 2016:  Kati Bergman

It seems everyone believes
the cycle of life ends in winter.
Days are shortened
as the crisp cold steals
motivation from movement
the pace falling, falling away
into sleepy stillness.

But life also begins in winter.

Life begins in sleepy stillness.
In the quiet cold we begin to find
motivation for movement,
and as the winter wind warms
the growing days
we discover ourselves bit by bit,
blossoming in the spring
and entering the cycle
as life breathes into everything.

Midweek Motivation


Copyright 2016: Kati Bergman

What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger,
a little tougher.
The wait lasts a little longer-
the burn remains,
the ache sustains-
but you learn to refrain
from acknowledging the pain.
From here on out,
there’s only gain.

What doesn’t kill you
makes you more alive.
You learn exactly what it takes to thrive,
how much effort second chances take,
and how, no matter what, you have to try
There are no limits.
The wings you’ve grown don’t recognize
where the stars begin or the end of the sky.

What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.

Now it’s time to fly.

Secrets of the Day

Early morning quiet
is as thick as the darkness
that explores the world at night.

Thoughts and words that were
shared so vibrantly through the day
fade away
to a whisper
the moon longs to hear-

And so, that glowing sphere grows
and grows
pushing her nose
into the shadows
to hear the secrets of the sun.

But as she grows she brightens
and in turn, frightens
the shadows who, from her,
run and hide and play
keeping in the early morning quiet-
the secrets of the day.

A Pair of Wings

I recently read an article (and I wish I could remember what it was) that said that people are more apt to make a dream succeed if they don’t tell anyone about it.  This is the opposite of what I’d heard before, but I thought it was kind of an interesting notion.  It got me thinking…and ultimately writing…this:

Show no one where your dreams reside,
keep them safe and alive inside,
meeting every pulse of your beating heart
which knows, intimately, each and every part
of every hope you’ve dared to give
the will to grow and dream and live.

But to give voice to those things
would be the same as giving them wings
to fly off and up and away,
be it night or day,
to land upon some other’s heart,
and there, perhaps,


is a curious thing
moving unseen
through days and lives,
through years and nights-
speeding forward

Each day links with the one before
in a steady march toward

Since time began
the answer has hung
just beyond our reach.

It’s as if life has a lesson to teach,
but one we can not know-
only learn.

I hope it’s so.